Xbox Series X processing chip teases 8K gaming

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Series X processing chip, and it teases one of the new console’s impressive technological capabilities: 8K gaming. The new chip is marked with both “8K” and a callback to the console’s pre-reveal code name, “Project Scarlett.”

Xbox Head Phil Spencer revealed the chip today, making it his new Twitter profile photo. In a reply to The Verge reporter Tom Warren, who shared the chip photo more directly, Twitter user Benjamin Cartwright pointed out it looks very similar to the Xbox One X’s. Spencer later told an Xbox fan that he is keeping the chip with him until the new console releases as a sort of “lucky coin.”

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Microsoft has already revealed that the Xbox Series X specs include the capability to play games in 8K resolution, and Sony has said the Ps5 will support 8K, as well. Some users in the comments were skeptical about how this feature will affect performance at launch, however. Twitter user @TheThorkKnight, for example, expressed disbelief that the console would smoothly run 8K while high-end PC components are still struggling to do the same.