Platinum Games confirms Tencent investment, aiming to move into self-publishing

Tencent has bought up another slice of gaming real-estate today with the Platinum Games Tencent investment. Platinum Games has announced that Tencent has invested in the development house “as a basis for partnership,” but argues that it will continue operations as they were before the partnership, instead seeing the investment at a chance of improving the company’s self-publishing efforts.

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Platinum Games broke the news of the partnership on its website via a blog post. No details were shared on the levels of the Platinum Games Tencent investment, however, only that Tencent has invested in Platinum Games. In its statement on the investment, Platinum Games went some ways in reassuring fans that it will not be changing.

Platinum explains that the “partnership has no effect on the independence” of the company and that Platinum Games “will continue operations under” its “current corporate structure.” Platinum adds that it “hopes to use this capital to strengthen” its “foundation as a business and expand from game development into exploring self-publishing.”

This could potentially mean that Platinum Games will no longer need to look to the highest bidder to release its games. We could be seeing more multi-platform releases from the Bayonetta and Vanquish developers in the future.