Alienware UFO brings a Switch form factor to PC gaming

Alienware is a company known for outlandish hardware designs in the world of PC gaming. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, they’re bringing something that may look familiar to console gamers, but it could be a whole new way to enjoy games on Steam. Called Concept UFO (or the Alienware UFO), this portable Windows 10 device does everything Nintendo’s Switch does while widening the game selection to everything on PC.

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The UFO starts with a basic Windows 10 tablet, similar in size to Microsoft’s existing Surface device. The two “joy-cons” slide in to create playability with PC’s wide range of titles, and they can also slide into a controller cradle similar to the Switch’s charging grip. The UFO can operate on its own, act as a mirror or second monitor for an existing PC, or even project an image onto a television for full-fledged “console” operation.

While it’s not officially due to be unveiled until tomorrow, several press outlets have already given hands-on impressions, saying that it’s an impressive proof of concept. We’ll have to see if this concept ever does make it to market and if it can compete with the Nintendo Switch in terms of mass appeal and affordability.