Sea of Thieves player count reaches 10 million over game’s lifetime

Ten million people have played Sea of Thieves since it launched in March 2018. Developer Rare announced the Sea of Thieves player count had surpassed 10 million this morning.

According to Rare’s tweet, 10 million players “have” roamed Sea of Thieves’ waters, so the current active player base is likely much lower than this number. The game received mass attention even before it launched, with the Sea of Thieves closed beta temporarily taking over Twitch as the number one game on the platform. The game sold well at launch, and the Sea of Thieves Xbox Game Pass availability has likely supplied a steady stream of new players interested in checking out the game with their subscription.

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While Sea of Thieves wasn’t too exciting upon release, Rare has supplied a steady stream of new content since then. April’s Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update, for example, added the game’s first story campaign and several other new features.