Final Fantasy 15 Mobile MMO announced

Square Enix, JSC Games, and GAEA Mobile announced the production of Final Fantasy 15 Mobile, an MMO set in the Final Fantasy 15 universe. JSC Games, a South Korean developer, and GAEA Mobile, a Chinese developer, will work with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group to publish the game.

The news comes via reporting by Kotaku, which compiled information from several non-English sources. Final Fantasy 15 Mobile is apparently set in “a parallel FFXV world,” where the events of the MMO take place alongside the main game’s, beginning just after Final Fantasy 15 protagonist Noctis sets out on his Regalia-riding road trip. The mobile title will reportedly release in China first, with a global launch planned for sometime after.

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Final Fantasy 15 previously came to mobile (and Nintendo Switch) in the form of the chibi-fied Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition, which took the entirety of the main game and shrunk it down for less poweful platforms. Final Fantasy 15 Mobile looks as though it will aim more for the realistic style of the base Final Fantasy 15 game, and Kotaku reports the developers are hoping to capture Final Fantasy 15′s “flashy action and graphics” for mobile, as well.

[Image Source: FinalfantasyxvUniverse/Twitter via Kotaku]