Apex Legends Grand Soiree event adds 7 limited-time modes, third-person

Respawn Entertainment has announced the latest Apex Legends event, and it’s bringing seven limited-time modes to the game. The Apex Legends Grand Soiree Arcade Event will take place between January 14 and 28, shaking up the game with several strange and unique game modes.

The first of these game modes, Gold Rush Duos, spawns Gold weapons only for teams of two. Gold Rush Duos will be active on January 14 and 15, and each mode will rotate in for two-day periods after that. Below is a full schedule of each mode and its description:

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  • Gold Rush Duos: January 14 & 15
    • Two-player teams, Gold weapons only.
  • LIVE.DIE.LIVE: January 16 & 17
    • Automatic respawns on living squadmates when ring closes.
  • Third-Person Mode: January 18 & 19
    • Third-person camera perspective.
  • Always Be Closing: January 20 & 21
    • Ring does extra damage and doesn’t slow down.
  • Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge: January 22 & 23
    • Shotguns and snipers, limited armor.
  • Kings Canyon After Dark: January 24 & 25
    • Play on Kings Canyon at night.
  • DUMMIEs Big Day: January 26, 27, & 28
    • Play as brightly-colored DUMMIEs.

Players will be able to earn points by completing Soiree challenges, which will allow them to progress through an “event prize track” (see the image below) and earn Art Deco-inspired cosmetic items. There will be three challenges per mode, for a total of 1000 points per mode. An additional 500 points can be earned during the bonus scoring weekend, which takes place from January 17 at 1 PM ET to January 20 at 1 PM ET.

apex legends grand soiree progression

In addition to the items in the prize track, others — including six new Legendary skins — will be available in both the core loot pool and the direct-purchase store. Like those in the prize track, most of these skins have a gaudy, gilded, Art Deco flavor to them (besides Crypto’s “funky-fresh” skin, highlighted at the end of the trailer below). According to Respawn, the cosmetics will be available “at a $5 price point,” and the available skins will rotate throughout the event’s duration.