Pokemon Home transfer chart reveals complications of bringing old Pokemon forward

A fan-made Pokemon Home transfer chart reveals just how complicated transferring old ‘mons to Pokemon Sword and Shield can be, with various apps and other transfer methods required. The Nintendo Switch games’ recently announced partial reversal of “Dexit” means players will soon be able to bring forward more Pokemon from past titles using the Home app.

To help players make this transfer, Reddit user Frocharocha posted a chart detailing the steps needed to move old Pokemon forward. While it’s impressive that it’s even possible to bring a Pokemon from all the way back in 2002’s Pokemon Ruby on the Game Boy Advance up to the Switch’s Sword and Shield, the process of getting it there is a lengthy one, requiring two Nintendo DS consoles, a Generation 4 and 5 game, a 3DS with a Generation 7 game and Pokemon Bank, and a Switch with Pokemon Home. If players want to complete a similar task, they’ll have to do a lot of work.

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Pokemon Home transfer chart reddit

Image Source: Frocharocha/Reddit

Alternatively, all of the Pokemon that will become transferable with the Sword and Shield update will theoretically also be able to be caught in-game if players have purchased the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass DLC — a first for the series.

[Image Source: Frocharocha/Reddit]