Rogue One’s writer wants to make a Star Fox film

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story writer Gary Whitta has said that he wants to write a Star Fox film, in response to original art posted by God of War‘s art director Raf Grassetti.

Grassetti has been posting artwork inspired by Star Fox over the past week, creating his own interpretations of Nintendo’s sci-fi series. While the artwork likely isn’t related to an upcoming project for Grassetti, who works with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, it did pique the interest of Rogue One writer Whitta.

Sharing one of Grassetti’s original artworks, Whitta tweeted: “I want to write this animated movie”:

Of course, this is a purely hypothetical scenario. A Star Fox film isn’t in development, and if it were to be then it’s unlikely it would be affiliated with Sony. Considering the success of Detective Pikachu, if a Star Fox animated movie were to come to fruition, it’s imaginable that Nintendo would seek to again enlist the aid of Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Still, we like this alternative universe where Gary Whitta and God of War‘s art director are bringing our anthropomorphic heroes to the big screen.

Image Credit: Raf Grassetti / Twitter