Rumor: Sony isn’t attending E3 2020 and could reveal PS5 elsewhere

Sony isn’t planning to attend E3 2020 and could instead reveal the PS5 at a separate event, a new report has claimed. According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Sony is once again looking to skip E3, in a move that Pachter has described as a “huge mistake.”

Sony chose to skip E3 2019 altogether, with the company not having a presence on the show floor nor delivering a presentation. While many believed this to be the result of Sony not having a great deal to show, the company is allegedly looking to once again avoid the LA expo.

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“As far as I know, they don’t plan to attend,” Pachter told VGC. “I think that’s a huge mistake, as their ‘focus on the consumer’ is not inconsistent with their attendance at the premier industry trade show. I hope they change their minds, but [I] am skeptical.”

VGC also noted that its own sources have suggested that Sony will skip E3, though others have said the company could still negotiate a return.

Many predicted Sony would finally unveil the PS5 at E3 2020. However, with attendee numbers declining last year and the ESA landing in hot water after leaking journalists’ personal information (via PlayStationLifestyle), the show is arguably on a downward trajectory. While E3 2020 would still provide Sony with the biggest platform to unveil the PS5, it could be that the company wants the level of control that hosting its own event would provide.

Featured Image: Christian Petersen / Getty Images