Mortal Kombat Kollection Online rating spotted for current systems

Given the ongoing support for Mortal Kombat 11recent announcement of the animated film, and upcoming theatrical release of the live action movie, Mortal Kombat has shown that it is still capable of moving unabated into the future. But that doesn’t mean Warner Bros. is done mining the series’ past. A rating for Mortal Kombat Kollection Online was recently found online, showing that the publisher could be releasing some sort of current gen remaster of the first three games in the franchise.

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Gematsu spotted the PEGI listing, the European video game ratings board, for Mortal Kombat Kollection Online earlier today. The listing — which is obviously rated PEGI 18 — states that the alleged bundle is the “original Mortal Kombat trilogy that MK fans always wanted” and is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It also says that it will support “upgraded art, gameplay, and online.” However, it has the release date as January 21, 2020, which has since passed in most parts of the world. Warner Bros. has not commented on the matter.

Mortal Kombat Kollection Online rating spotted for current systems

The first three Mortal Kombat games have been re-released multiple times, with the last being 2011’s Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, which you can see in the above picture. Despite some patches, it was poorly received because of its laggy menus, bugs, and shaky online play. The collection eventually delisted from Steam since Microsoft distanced itself from Games For Windows Live.

But, given the “upgraded art,” this appears to be something more ambitious than just a mere re-release and could be a revival of a canceled project. Developer Blind Squirrel was supposedly working on a big remaster of the original trilogy that ended up getting canned in early 2018. Screen shots of the project eventually came out, giving the report some added validity. Along with some other code names, that project was also referred to as Mortal Kombat Kollection Online, which is obviously the same name found on the new listing on the PEGI website.