Rumor: Xbox Series X leaked photos reveal a surprising omission

Leaked Xbox Series X photos have allegedly appeared online, showing off the back panel of the upcoming new console. The images of a prototype version of the hardware also revealed one surprising removed feature, which points to Microsoft firmly stepping away from the Xbox One’s TV features.

The new images appeared online this week (via Twitter), revealing an alleged prototype model of the Xbox Series X. The photos show the hardware in the wild (and covered in dust), offering a closer look at the front of the new system:

Credit: Doug_DragoX / Twitter

And of its back panel, too:

Credit: Doug_DragoX / Twitter

The main takeaway from these new images is the absence of the HDMI-in port, which was previously utilized by the Xbox One. This allowed the Xbox One to pair with the user’s TV, which Microsoft felt was a big selling point with its current-gen console.

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However, the Xbox One’s TV functionality was widely criticized at its launch, with many feeling as though Microsoft had prioritized this feature over its video games. As such, if these images are to be believed, it seems as though the company wants to distance itself as much as possible from this feature with its next-gen console.