Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Bandicoot rumor resurfaces

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Bandicoot rumor has resurfaced on the Internet after a leaker’s prediction about another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character has ultimately proven correct.

As you may know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has characters from all over the gaming world — and not just Nintendo properties. SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, and other developers have one or more of their characters in this epic fighting game. Now, it seems that a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Bandicoot DLC may well be on the way if these predictions prove true.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Bandicoot some Smash characters

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As ResetEra highlights,  Twitter user @MandyCanNot correctly predicted Byleth all the way back in October of last year, simply stating, “byleth is fighter 5 in the first challenger pack :0.”

Other predictions on this person’s Twitter also proved to be true like the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video that revealed Byleth last week. The account, however, has since gone silent while we wait for the leadup to this rumored Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Bandicoot reveal:

“[The] main reason [I] started posting to Twitter was to build a resume for myself,” MandyCan stated in a tweet. “[I] only direct messaged a couple of people about it because [I]  did not know if it was legit or not. [I] did not want to become “out there” until Crash officially came to be with the other info. [This] is my last tweet regarding any leak until Crash is revealed for Fighter Pack 6.”

So, is this genuine? Will we really get Crash Bandicoot for Smash? Well, as several ResetEra users point out, it would be terribly easy to make a bunch of predictions and then delete the incorrect ones, making it look like you have an excellent track record. The earliest archive available for MandyCan’s profile is from a few days ago and doesn’t show any deleted tweets, so we can’t be certain one way or another.

In any case, take the rumor of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Bandicoot reveal with a grain of salt — even if it would be really cool.