Temtem lets you choose your pronouns and bigots are angry

Temtem allows you to choose your pronouns. Unlike many other games with character customization that gives you the option between ‘male’ and ‘female,’ Temtem instead allows you to choose between she/her, he/him, or they/them. Considering the frequent pearl-clutching about censorship in video games, you could have been forgiven for assuming that the introduction of more options would have been welcomed, but that was not the case in certain corners of the internet.

Temtem asking the player to choose their pronouns for their created character resulted in the game’s Steam forums being inundated with complaints, with some users saying that they did not want their children exposed to “LGBQT [sic] politics,” while others said it was an example of developer Crema having a “politically correct agenda.”

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Discussion surrounding Temtem‘s use of pronouns quickly became the top talking point on its Steam forums, with users storming its discussion board with thinly-veiled bigotry:

temtem pronouns

As a result, Crema was forced to speak out, creating a specific thread for people to contain discussions surrounding “pronouns and genders.”

Crema wrote:


We don’t mind discussing about this issue, but it’s getting out of control in this particular forum. In order to avoid having 100 topics talking about the same issue, let’s keep everything together here.

Remember to be polite and don’t discriminate everyone or your message will be deleted and you’ll end up banned.”

Regardless of this depressing backlash against Temtem for this innocuous inclusion, the game has been performing impressively at launch. Its early access period has already seen its servers being flooded by players, causing lengthy wait times for those currently trying to jump in and play it. Crema is currently working on a patch in order to reduce these queues.