Mysterious new Kingdom Hearts mobile game coming to iOS and Android spring 2020

Yesterday, we reported on the announcement that new Kingdom Hearts game was coming “surprisingly soon”. This upcoming title has now been revealed as Project Xehanort, the code name for a new Kingdom Hearts mobile game — and the devs are running a contest where you can win big prizes.

A quick recap: series designer Tetsuya Nomura was answering some questions on Twitter yesterday, and one of the points he brought up was that the team behind Kingdom Hearts Union X would be making an “an unexpected announcement tomorrow.” He also added that there are two new teams working on Kingdom Hearts projects (outside of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts Union X), and it appears that one of these two games was revealed today on Twitter.

new Kingdom Hearts mobile game Project Xehanort zoom

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The new Kingdom Hearts mobile game will be coming to the Android, iOS, and Amazon mobile app stores sometime in spring 2020… and that’s about all we know for now, other than the fact that it’s named after the famous Keyblade master Xehanort. It’s a very mysterious project, so much so that Square Enix is running a contest where you can guess the name.

The “Guess the Name Campaign” is pretty straightforward; here’s how you participate as detailed on the upcoming game’s website:

  1. Follow @ProjectXehanort on Twitter.
  2. Add in a comment with your guess.
  3. Include the hashtag #KHNameContest
  4. Enter only one per day, and only use one Twitter account.
  5. Multiple entries must not be duplicates.
  6. Refrain from including the following in your entry:
    • Obscenity
    • Vulgarity
    • Discrimination
    • Offensive subject matter
    • Copyright infringement
    • Anything “counter to public order and/or morals”
    • A “gross” deviance from the game’s theme

Winners will be selected within 48 hours of the contest’s deadline on January 28, 2020, at 9:59 PM Eastern. 10 people will be selected as winners. The prize isn’t laid out exactly, but the contest description says that you can “win big.”

One way or another, we’ll probably hear more about this game sometime in late January or early February when the contest ends. You can look forward to playing this new Kingdom Hearts mobile game (whatever it’s called) when it comes to Android and ioS in spring 2020.