A New Kingdom Hearts game is coming ‘surprisingly soon’

new Kingdom Hearts game is coming “surprisingly soon” according to a Q&A with the developers, along with some other good news about future games and a bit of bad news about potential updates for Kingdom Hearts 3.

According to Gematsu, a Q&A session was posted to the franchise’s Japanese Twitter account. Let’s get the bad one out of the way: there probably isn’t going to be any more Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC beyond Re Mind. First revealed in the middle of last year, this upcoming addition to the franchise’s third core game will likely be the only such piece of downloadable content.

New Kingdom Hearts game desert

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“We don’t have updates planned at this time, but if something comes up in the future, then we will deal with it,” series designer Tetsuya Nomura said. “As for downloadable content, Re Mind is the first and last. We’re already working on the next title.”

Speaking of the “next title”, it seems that we may be getting a new Kingdom Hearts game much earlier than one would expect, especially considering the blockbuster launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

“While a traditional Kingdom Hearts will take some time, the Kingdom Hearts Union χ team will first be making an unexpected announcement tomorrow. Furthermore, in addition to the Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union χ teams, two new teams are currently at work, and one of their titles is coming surprisingly soon.”

Nomura-san also added that there aren’t yet any plans for a “Final Mix” version of Kingdom Hearts 3, although he doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility. Aside from this teaser for a new Kingdom Hearts game, the above quote also mentions that there are currently four teams at work for the franchise, covering the following games:

  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Kingdom Hearts Union X
  • Unannounced Kingdom Hearts Game #1
  • Unannounced Kingdom Hearts Game #2

Fans of the franchise surely can’t get enough of this stuff, and not one, but two unannounced titles must be particularly tantalizing to them. For now, we can look forward to the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind on January 23, 2020 (and February 25, 2020, for the Xbox One) along with whatever tomorrow’s mystery announcement will be.