Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC announced; ReMIND scenario includes new episodes and bosses

Paid Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC has reportedly been announced today by series director Tetsuya Nomura during the first date of Kingdom Hearts World of Tres Orchestra tour in Tokyo. While little is known about the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, currently titled “Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND,” it will feature both paid and free DLC, including two new episodes (Limit Episode and Secret Episode), bosses, and Keyblades.

As first picked up by @YanilynGaming on Twitter, who was lucky enough to be in attendance as workhorse Nomura made a shock appearance, a series of as-yet-unverified (or officially unveiled) announcements were made.

The scenario included in the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, ReMIND, harkens back to the overblown, ludicrous titles of Kingdom Hearts yore, yet could potentially be offering a replacement for the typical Final Mix re-releases. Better still, it could be a chunk of story DLC, which is hinted at by the remainder of the roadmap-of-sorts.

A “Limit Episode” will also be included in future Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, with the paid-for content assumedly coming in separate release windows, alongside a Secret Episode. Each of these will also come packed with two bosses, which is music to the ears of those who were maybe a little short-changed by the vanilla Kingdom Hearts 3 and its lack of main-game boss variety and challenge.

But it isn’t just those willing to fork over their money (or should that be munny?) who will be getting bonus content. As it goes, Sora’s also getting a new Form and even a brand-new Keyblade to banish the Heartless with, all for free.

As yet, the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, including the intriguingly-titled Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND bundle, does not have a release date, nor does it have a trailer. But what it does have is an immensely promising future that expands well into 2020 if the seeming scope of this DLC rings true. Who’s ready to re-connect once again with Sora’s swansong?