Disco Elysium update adds Hardcore Mode and ultrawide support

An update to Disco Elysium, last year’s sleeper hit CRPG, released today that adds a Hardcore Mode and support for ultrawide monitors. To celebrate the new patch developer, ZA/UM is offering Disco Elysium for 20% off as part of the Steam Lunar New Year sale.

The Hardcore Mode in Disco Elysium will make each check more challenging to pass. You’ll find less money and prices for pharmaceuticals have gone up. This means completing an alcohol and cigarette-free run will be much harder. You’ll also have to use items more skillfully to make up for the harder checks, and for the more stringent debuffs that have been added to the Thought Cabinet.

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To balance out the higher difficulty, you’ll gain a small amount of XP for each of your failures. To turn on Hardcore Mode in Disco Elysium, you just have to go to settings and check the box at the bottom of the menu.

Disco Elysium Widescreen Support

The ultrawide support that’s been added to Disco Elysium in this update is quite good. This isn’t some sort of faux ultrawide, where there’s weird stretching or part-time ultrawide where the menus are still shown at 16:9. The whole game can now be enjoyed at 21:9, and after briefly demoing it myself, I’d say this is my preferred viewpoint for the game now.

If you haven’t played Disco Elysium, you should definitely pick it up now while it’s on sale. I gave the game a 4.5/5 when I reviewed it last year, and I stand by that score now. The skillful worldbuilding, fantastic script, and exciting take on the traditional CRPG formula made it one of the best titles of 2019.

You can purchase Disco Elysium at 20% off now on Steam for $31.99 as part of the Lunar New Year sale. After the sale ends on January 27, the game will return to its usual price of $39.99.