EVO Japan Smash Ultimate event ends in controversy as winner’s prize is dropped

EVO Japan 2020 hasn’t been without controversy this year, after the event’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament was widely criticized for its meager prize pool. Compared to the cash prizes awarded by the event’s other tournaments, the winner of the Smash Ultimate competition would only receive a custom Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Now that controversy has taken another turn, after the prize controller was dropped on stage after being given to its winner.

The incident occurred after winner Shuto “Shuton” Moriya won EVO Japan’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles competition, with the pro player accepting the golden Smash Bros. Pro controller from the series’ creator Masahiro Sakurai. After being handed the controller and posing with it, Shuton handed it to someone offstage, with it then falling out of its box and onto the floor.

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EVO Japan attendees gasped as Shuton watched EVO Japan staff pick the controller back up, though it didn’t make its way back on stage after being dropped. It’s unclear if the prize managed to survive its fall, though Shuton didn’t seem too perturbed by the ordeal.

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You can watch the incident below:

Shuton topped the Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles competition, with the top eight bracket also including runner-up Kome, Tea, Paseriman, Zackray, Raito, KEN, and shky.