Half-Life: Google Translate Edition mod machine translates the entire game to hilarious effect

This Half-Life mod translates the entire game using Google Translate. As everyone knows, machine translation is far from perfect, and the creator of the Half-Life Google Translate Edition mod has gone above and beyond to show just how wacky it can be.

The Half-Life Google Translate Edition mod translates almost all the text in the game. However, that wasn’t enough for creator SausageEggs. He and his team also re-dubbed all the vocals, so the entire game is just one surrealistic mess.

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Per the release notes, this mod translates:

  • All voiced lines
  • All in-game titles
  • All Black Mesa Announcer sentences
  • A vast majority of single-player UI elements
  • All model textures with legible text
  • Most map textures with legible text (They retextured all of them, but for some reason, not all of them appear.)

Half-Life Google translate mod sign

The only things that haven’t been run through Google Translate and reinserted into the game are:

  • Most multiplayer text
  • Most unused dialogue/text
  • CD-exclusive UI text
  • Any signs that were just random numbers and/or letters (Google Translate doesn’t really retranslate these in amusing or even noticeable ways)
  • Any text that they were unable to read

The mod dampens some of the background audio so you can better hear the new lines, and includes new music from the mod’s creator. There are also some hilarious model changes that make the experience that much wackier, like the grenade replacing the crowbar, for example. The difficulty has been slightly changed, as well. On easy mode, both the player and enemies are harder to kill, medium remains similar to the base game, and on hard, everyone dies quicker.

This mod is very easy to install and works like a charm. You just have to remember to turn off HD textures in the settings once it’s ready. As Half-Life is free-to-play right now, you can try the Half-Life Google Translate mod by just downloading the game on Steam. Once you’ve done that, head over to the mod’s ModDB page for the download and install instructions.