Nintendo Switch shortage fears may have caused boost in console sales

Nintendo Switch shortage fears may have led to a boost in hardware sales in Japan. Recent manufacturing issues have led to a delay in the new Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch  in that country — and gamers are worried that things will get worse.

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“Nintendo Switch hardware sales in Japan reached 100,000 units in the week ending Feb 9th, up 33% [week over week],” Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel”@ZhugeEX” Ahmad said in a tweet. “The bump comes as Nintendo issued a statement that it expects shortages of Switch hardware and accessories due to the impact of the coronavirus on China manufacturing.”

Like most gaming companies, Nintendo does have manufacturing facilities in China. The coronavirus outbreak has led to them having to apologize for delays in the Japanese market. While they also have some factories in Vietnam, they don’t have enough production there alone to cover the Japanese market and the West.

We still can’t say if these Nintendo Switch shortage fears are warranted in countries other than Japan, but a domino effect could be possible. If you’ve been waiting to get a Nintendo Switch, it might not be a bad idea to grab one while you still can.