Sonic the Hedgehog movie box office sales steal the crown from Detective Pikachu

Despite initial impressions from critics being pretty mixed, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has proceeded to enjoy a hugely successful launch weekend, with box office sales numbers putting Sonic ahead of Detective Pikachu. The success of the past weekend means Sonic the Hedgehog is the new king of the “best game adaptation opening weekend” crown, something that is especially impressive when you consider the whole redesign fiasco.

According to Box Office MojoSonic the Hedgehog has garnered an estimated $57 million, which is £3 million more than Detective Pikachu ultimately made during its launch weekend last May. (Note that actual figures are usually higher than the estimate, so it’s possible that Sonic has earned even more.)

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Once the extra-long US holiday weekend is over, it’s estimated that Sonic will have brought in $68 million, which would make it the fourth largest Presidents’ Day opening ever.

With box office numbers showing success for Sonic, it looks like redesigning the hero was well worth it. It certainly seems like a big win for movies based on video games!