Resident Evil 3 Remake concept art shows the origin of Nemesis

The official Resident Evil Twitter has posted some concept art that gives us our first look at the origins of Nemesis. While we’ve got some backstory about the tentacled Tyrant that pursues Jill throughout Resident Evil 3, how it was created is mostly a mystery. However, it seems like the Resident Evil 3 remake may finally be revealing the secrets of how Umbrella manufactured the Nemesis.

The concept art consists of a four storyboard spread detailing the creation of Nemesis. In the first panel, we can see three assumed Umbrella executives looking into a testing chamber through a glass divider. The room is covered in blood, and corpses are strewn around. We can also see a person in lab garb, presumably the sole survivor, begging to be let out.

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In the second panel, it appears like the person in the testing chamber from the first panel has mutated into a Tyrant. Interestingly, this is a variation of the T-002 that we haven’t seen before. It looks very close to the original Tyrant, except its right arm ends in a tentacle.

The third panel shows the surgery to introduce the NE-a Parasite into the Tyrant. This operation may have been what we caught glimpses of in the Resident Evil 3 remake announcement trailer. This is a small retcon from what we previously knew of Nemesis’s origins, as it was said that it was created by introducing the NE-a Parasite into a T-103, the same model of Tyrant as Mr. X.

Finally, the fourth panel shows Nemesis facing off against Jill Valentine in Raccoon City. The NE-a Parasite must have caused some significant mutations in the Tyrant as Nemesis has a right hand instead of just one big tentacle.

This concept art is an exciting look at an iconic villain. Whether or not we’ll see any of this in the final game is up in the air. Ideas like this often find their way onto the cutting room floor. However, it would be great to see Nemesis’s story expanded. Unlike zombies and lickers, Nemesis must retail at least some of its human intelligence, and its story is likely one of the great untold tragedies of the Raccoon City incident.