New PlayStation VR controller is awfully similar to Valve Index

A patent for a new PlayStation VR controller has popped up on Reddit and it looks awfully similar to the Valve Index. This is yet another hint that we may be getting a PSVR 2 in the coming years.

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As highlighted by Reddit, the controller patent shows a simplified controller design that is probably not representative of the final product. What’s important here, however, is the technology being mentioned in the patent.


This controller device is worn on the hand of a user and includes: a plurality of sensor units that detect the fingers of the user; and a sensor support part that supports the sensor units. The sensor support part supports the sensor units so that the distance between adjacent sensor units can be changed.

The Valve Index is noteworthy for having similar functionality in their own controllers which allows the unit to track individual finger movements. This may result in a patent showdown between Valve and Sony at some point in the future unless there’s been some kind of licensing agreement in place.

Sony has been rather quiet on the prospects of a PSVR 2, but this new PlayStation VR controller shows that they definitely have something in the works.