New free PS4 themes now available for PlayStation Player Celebration

A pair of new free PS4 themes are now available as part of the PlayStation Player Celebration.

Gaming industry tweeter @Wario64 highlighted the existence of the two themes. The themes have been created as part of the PlayStation Player Celebration, an event that’s going on right now which makes a big deal of the fact that more than 100 million people have come together to game on the PS4.

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One of the two themes is static, simply showcasing a stylized logo of the PlayStation controller symbols on a blue background. The other theme is dynamic (meaning that it’s got some moving bits) and features imagery from some of the most popular PlayStation games released in recent memory.

You can find both of these new free PS4 themes on the PlayStation Store right now. We can’t say for sure if they’re going to stick around, so grab ’em while you still can!