Sony, Facebook pull out of GDC amid coronavirus concerns

Although it has pulled out of E3 and PAX East, Sony is not done withdrawing from events. Today, the console maker announced it was also not attending GDC, which takes place in San Francisco during the week of March 16. It, along with Facebook, decided to not go over concerns of coronavirus.

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According to, Facebook will still make announcements around the event, but will limit them to digital videos and such. It’s a little more unclear for Sony, as the GDC website still has multiple talks scheduled from Sony employees, including talks from Sony London, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Media Molecule, and more. Perhaps it just means that non-speakers won’t attend along with Sony, officially. Also, it is worth reiterating that Sony pulling out of E3 is separate from getting out of GDC and PAX East.

GDC said it planned to have a “successful and safe event” but that did seem to ease the PlayStation manufacturer. It appears the company is still hesitant about people flying in from all over the world and congregating in one space. Once again, it’s rare that someone will catch the virus, but Sony appears to think that it’s better to stay healthy at home. This also puts the idea of a PS5 reveal event in question because of how many people would also be gathering in one place.