Xbox One X price drop on bundles is the best deal yet

An Xbox One X price drop is live now, bringing online prices down on Microsoft’s best current-gen console to one of its lowest levels ever. Even better, these discounts are on bundles that include some of the coolest games recently released like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Gears 5.

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Just a couple of days ago, the PS4 price dropped on some online stores as part of a sale. Now, Microsoft seems to be playing catch-up and slicing prices on their consoles, too.. Noted gaming tweeter @Wario64 highlighted the Xbox One X price drop which includes three separate gaming bundles. These aren’t the only discounts you can get right now, though!

Xbox One X Bundle price drop deals

Three separate Xbox One X bundles are discounted right now. While you can get the standalone Xbox One X, it’s actually at a higher price than these bundles, so it’d be kind of silly to buy that when you can get an included game and pay less.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox One X Bundle

Xbox One X Price Drop Star Wars X

This bundle includes a 1TB Xbox One X and the smash-hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one of the best Star Wars games in recent memory.

Gears 5 Xbox One X Limited Edition Bundle

Xbox One X Price Drop Gears 5 LE X

This bundle includes a special Xbox One X branded with the Gears logo and all 5 core Gears of War games.

Gears 5 Xbox One X Bundle

This is the cheaper Gears 5 Xbox One X bundle which doesn’t include the Limited-Edition console, but you also spend like $80 less.

NBA 2K20 Xbox One X Bundle

If you have a sports fan in your life, this is probably the bundle to pick. It includes an Xbox One X and NBA 2K20.

The Xbox One S is pretty cheap, too

Okay, let’s say you want to get your game on but you don’t have enough to take advantage of the Xbox One X price drop. That’s fine! There are still some great deals on the Xbox One S console, too!

You can save a few bucks with these cheaper versions of the above bundles, although it’s definitely worth it to drop the extra cash on an Xbox One X. Bear in mind that the Xbox One S is less powerful than the Xbox One X, so you won’t get the best graphics or performance.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox One S Bundle

Xbox One X Price Drop Star Wars S

This bundle includes an Xbox One S and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the newest game in the Star Wars franchise (and a pretty darn good one at that).

Gears 5 Xbox One S Bundle

Xbox One X price drop Gears 5 S

Grab Gears 5 and all of the other core Gears of War games along with an Xbox One S in this cheaper bundle.

NBA 2K20 Xbox One S Bundle

Xbox One X price drop NBA 2K20 S

Grab NBA 2K20 and an Xbox One S at a stupdily-cheap price.

Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition Console

Xbox One X price drop All-Digital S

Finally, this package includes just the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. This is the cheapest offering here, but be warned: it doesn’t include a disc drive!

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