SonicFox wins Final Kombat 2020, urges Americans to ‘Vote Bernie’

Dominique “SonicFox” McLean has emerged as the champion of Mortal Kombat Final Kombat 2020, a major gaming tournament in the fighting game community. After a short post-match interview, SonicFox took a moment to urge the audience to vote for Bernie Sanders.

The final match had SonicFox playing as The Joker and facing off against Jarrad “Ninjakilla” Gooden’s Liu Kang in an intense match. The battle went back and forth with the health bars being more or less even towards the end. At the final fight’s climax, a critical Fatal Blow decided the match and brought the competition to an end.

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“It feels great! This one, I’m really really happy I won,” SonicFox said in a post-match interview. “I can’t believe I beat pretty much the best player in the world — twice, mind you! — to try and get this W with Joker! And now that I can say [two] in a row with two separate games and I couldn’t be happier.”

Just as the interview was ending, SonicFox leaned into the mic and said, “Vote Bernie!” as highlighted by @snacklesbian on Twitter, causing the interviewer and some people backstage to chuckle a bit. You can watch the magic moment happen at 10:54:29 in the full stream of Mortal Kombat Final Kombat 2020 below.