Super Mario and Lego collaboration teased, but what could it be?

Super Mario and Lego collaboration has been teased by Nintendo, with the gaming giant telling followers that “something fun is being built.” The new partnership was announced with a video, depicting a Lego version of Mario along with a rotating question mark block.

The partnership was accompanied by a caption that included the hashtag #LEGOSuperMario, indicating that it will likely specifically revolve around the Mario series and none of Nintendo’s other properties. Lego has previously worked with other game franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, but this will be the first time the company has ever paired with Nintendo, outside of its games releasing on consoles.

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So what could this new partnership be? Back in 2012, the Lego Ideas project saw a community member pitch Super Mario Lego. In an official Lego response to the proposed project, the company said that “another company has the construction toy license” so it would not pursue the idea further.

However, Lego also expressed that it was “huge Super Mario fans,” and that it was going to “be open and allow for possibilities” in the future. Nintendo currently has a partnership with US toy manufacturer Jakks, so it is unclear how this new partnership with Lego will work.

A long-shot theory is that Nintendo could also be partnering with Lego on an upcoming game. Nintendo has allowed the Mario license to be utilized by Ubisoft in recent years in Mario x Rabbids Kingdom Battle, so the plumber becoming the subject of a brand new Lego game might not be that much of a stretch. The Lego game series continues to be enduringly popular, so a Lego recreation of the Mushroom Kingdom on the Nintendo Switch would arguably be a big success.

The video announcing the collaboration can be viewed below: