Doom Eternal in-game events will be ‘a primarily online experience’

Bad news for those of you with a dodgy Internet connection, as DOOM Eternal in-game events will be a “primarily online experience” according to a recently released dev blog. While you can certainly play DOOM Eternal offline, you’ll be missing out on a lot of cool stuff.

While the Slayer’s Club has had a lot of cool things for DOOM superfans, the DOOM Eternal in-game events are going to take things to the next level. Players will be able to earn progress towards cool unlockables, but only if they’re online.

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Currently, there is a list of Community Challenges for DOOM fans. These are going to be augmented with more things within DOOM Eternal itself. If you can’t get in on it, though, you’ll still have something to enjoy in the single-player game.

“And of course, if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can still play the campaign and have a blast,” said DOOM Eternal’s Executive Producer Marty Stratton.

You’ll be able to play the DOOM Eternal in-game events when it launches on March 20, 2020.