Doom Eternal Boosters are a ‘Like Button’ for friends

If you’ve been worried about Doom Eternal Boosters being some kind of microtransaction, worry not, as this brand new feature making its way to Doom Eternal is much closer to a “Like Button” for your friends.

As you may know, Doom Eternal will be featuring various kinds of multiplayer gameplay. Some of your friends might be putting some serious time into the game, and you can benefit from that. A new “Boosters” system is going to let you earn bonus XP from other people’s gameplay.

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Describing it as “kind of like a ‘Like Button’,”, Doom Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton emphasizes that you’ll be earning a percentage of the XP that they earn. It doesn’t take it away from the original player you select, mind, as you’ll simply get a percentage of their XP gain as a bonus, passive income. This, in effect, will “boost” your own progression through each Series.

Also revealed in the video are some of the cool new cosmetics like the Hipster Archvile seen in our header image above. You’ll be able to enjoy Doom Eternal Boosters and more when the game launches on March 20, 2020. Check out the latest Dev Diary below to learn more!