New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters could be delayed over health concerns

New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters could end up being delayed over health concerns. Plans to present new fighters for SSBU have had to be delayed like many things in the gaming world according to an upcoming interview with Masahiro Sakurai, and this shows just how seriously Nintendo is protecting its employees.

@PushDustin reports on a portion of a leaked interview with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Masahiro Sakurai. The leak comes from noted Japanese blogger Ryokutya2089 who has released similar information in the past. In it, Mr. Sakurai notes that there had been plans to release information on some new fighters, but those have put on hold.

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It’s possible that Nintendo may announce the new fighters anyway, but the work situation has obviously not been normal at the company’s Japanese offices. The company’s caution is even extending to the United States with the indefinite closure of the Nintendo Store in New York City.

Mr. Sakurai also notes that even one case of the coronavirus detected amongst Nintendo Japan employees would effectively shut the whole building down, so the company is being abundantly cautious. Even if they were revealed soon, development on them may not be at the regular expected pace.

Whether or not we’ll see some new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters soon is unclear, but it is clear that game development is going to keep being affected by this health crisis.