$13,000 Animal Crossing water bottle now available for pre-order

Want a cool Animal Crossing water bottle? Well, you’re in luck, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans, as one such brand-new product is up for pre-order on Amazon and it will only cost you a cool $13,000.

Well, it actually costs $13,228.49 to be exact. Why exactly it costs so much isn’t exactly known. This is probably some kind of pricing mistake, although it could just as easily be the living incarnation of the Holy Grail with Tom Nook painted on the side.

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One should note that for $13,000, you could buy one each of all current-gen consoles, ten games for each, a gaming PC, a Valve Index, a used car, and probably still have money left over, so this probably isn’t the wisest investment.

As an alternative to the crazily-priced Animal Crossing water bottle on Amazon, you could snap up one of these fine products instead:

These all have the advantage of featuring Animal Crossing imagery. Also, they don’t cost $13,000 and change.

In any case, you’ll hopefully be able to get your hands on Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the end of this week. Just don’t buy any water bottles from Tom Nook or you’ll go broke.

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