Pink Nintendo Switch Lite is wildly popular in Japan, sells out fast

That upcoming pink Nintendo Switch Lite hasn’t yet arrived in America, but it already had its launch day in Japan. If you’re thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch Lite Coral for you or a friend, it’s probably best not to delay — the Japanese launch reportedly sold out its entire stock in two days.

Multiple online Japanese gaming retailers have recently listed the newest Nintendo Switch Lite color as out of stock. Indeed, Yodobashi’s stock of the handheld gaming console is sold out and Amazon’s Japanese website only has a handful of third-party listings available.

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It seems that the pink Nintendo Switch Lite has proven to be much more popular than the supply could accommodate. With more and more people stuck indoors right now, gamers are probably looking to pick up some new toys on the cheap — and the Nintendo Switch Lite Coral had launched right in the middle of all that.

First announced late last year, the coral-colored console is simply a new addition to the several existing color options for the cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch. Pink must clearly be an appealing color to many people considering how quickly it sold out in its home country.

We can’t say for sure if the Nintendo Switch Lite Coral will sell out in the West as quickly as it did in Japan, but it’s probably not a good idea to wait on making a pre-order if you’re thinking about getting one. Although Nintendo is catching its console production back up, it still might not be enough to meet the demand. The Nintendo Switch Lite Coral launches in the West on April 3, 2020.

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