Half-Life: Alyx Easter eggs are pretty damn insane

The rare few gamers with VR setups are discovering some pretty damn insane Half-Life: Alyx Easter eggs. Among their discoveries are markers that let you draw on a window, a usable radio, and even more attention to detail that they might not have expected to see in Half-Life: Alyx.

Half-Life: Alyx is finally in players hands and it’s looking pretty good so far. Aside from some pretty impressive graphics, players have been tinkering around with the various moving parts and finding some cool Easter eggs inside the game.

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One of the more notable Half-Life: Alyx Easter eggs is a set of markers next to a window. Some buildings have been drawn on the window, subtly prompting the player to pick up the markets and draw something of their own. A functional eraser is also provided.

Players have also found the following as noted in the Reddit submission on the topic:

  • A radio that you can turn the dials on
  • Medicine bottles that have pills rattling around inside
  • A garbage can that you can rifle through
  • A dead rat that you can pick up and stretch (ew)

These are just some of the Easter eggs discovered by players thus far — we’re sure to see more in the coming days as more and more people play the game. If you have a compatible VR headset and you want to see them for yourself firsthand, you can pick up Half-Life: Alyx on Steam.

The level of detail in this game is insane, you can interact with absolutely everything!! from pcmasterrace