Overwatch has been invaded by googly eyes

Echo is still on the horizon, but Blizzard has still provided some quality content in Overwatch for those still waiting for the robotic damage dealer. Everyone in the game has googly eyes now, which you can see simply by loading up the game. This stretches from edgelords like Reaper to inanimate objects like Torbjörn’s turrets. However, Bastion’s bird, Ganymede, sadly does not have googly eyes.

While a day early, this is likely an April Fools’ joke, as noted by Twinfinite. This isn’t just in the highlight intros or at the menu either; it’s in the game, too. While you may not notice it in the fast-paced matches, everyone has these ridiculous eyes on them.

Overwatch has been invaded by googly eyes for some reason

Blizzard has not officially announced this silly feature so players were suddenly finding this feature while playing. This is also the first time the game has celebrated this holiday, making it doubly surprising. It is unclear how long this will last but everyone will probably lose their googly eyes in the next two days or so.

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This is quite an odd time for such a holiday, given the current pandemic, but this is a pretty inventive way to inject a lighthearted joke into a game. It remains to be seen what other games are doing for April 1, but hopefully they’re not tone-deaf and are able to read the room.