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When is the Overwatch Echo Hero 32 release date?

When is the Overwatch Echo Hero 32 release date? We’ve been got confirmation about the next hero coming to Overwatch for a little while now, and it seems like we may have just gotten a release date reveal for the newest character to join the cast of characters.

Overwatch Echo Hero 32 Release Date | When does Echo launch?

When is the Overwatch Echo hero release date teaser

When will we be able to play Echo in Overwatch? It’s pretty soon as the hero is hitting the live servers on April 14 for all platforms. This was after spending a few weeks on the PTR. Jeff Kaplan said she would take a bit longer to test that usual and it looks like he is more of less correct.

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Overwatch Echo Hero 32 | Background

When is the Overwatch Echo hero release date McCree

Echo was first revealed as part of McCree’s “Reunion” Animated Short which debuted in November of 2018. Since then, the developers have been hard at working putting Echo together and getting her ready for launch.

We haven’t seen much in the way of her until Overwatch 2 was revealed; she made a heck of an entrance during the “Zero Hour” cinematic for the sequel to Blizzard’s fantastic first-person shooter.

Overwatch Echo Hero 32 | Class

Echo is a damage hero, contrary to theories of her being a support hero.

Overwatch Echo Hero 32 | Abilities

She has a few abilities. Her main fire is the tri shot, which is a triple projectile shot out of her hands. She can also throw a volley of sticky grenades. Her Focusing Beam is a bit unique since it is a beam like Moira’s ultimate that does more damage if the enemy is under half health. Flight ensures that she can fly around a bit like Mercy and Pharah. And her ultimate lets her morph into someone from the enemy team with a significantly sped up ultimate consumption rate.