Beware: Final Fantasy 7 Remake spoilers are coming early

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t officially launch until April 10, but Australian gamers have gotten their hands on it more than a week early. That means you can expect to see some Final Fantasy 7 Remake spoilers much sooner than expected, so get ready to lock down your game feeds!

Kotaku Australia reported that multiple retailers have already broken street dates for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake as physical copies had been shipped early to Australia. Naturally, this means that some lucky people have already had half a day to play the game.

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That’s not all, though. There are several streams of the game live on Twitch right now, letting us get a very early look at a title that most of the West probably won’t get for at least another week. (That is, unless those digital early release rumors pan out.)

While we do know the broad strokes of the game, the recent release of the Resident Evil 3 remake shows that a lot can still change with a remaster. If you want to avoid Final Fantasy 7 Remake spoilers, you’re going to have to be on guard for the next week!