PS5 console, DualShock 5, and retail box render revealed

Image Credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/LetsGoDigital

A render for the PS5DualShock 5, and its retail box has been revealed, showing how Sony’s upcoming console may look when it hits store shelves. The new render is based on information and rumored details circling the hardware, depicting how it might look at launch.

The new renders were created by Giuseppe Spinelli for LetsGoDigital, after the graphic artist previously developed an accurate render of the PS5’s dev kit. Since then, we have received little information in regards to how the console will look at retail, with Giuseppe’s render suggesting it will look very similar to the PS4.

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The render depicts a slimmer console that still adopts the PS4’s tiered design, with a blue light around the edges of the system. The DualShock 5 render is in line with patents filed by Sony for the new controller.

Image Credit: Giuseppe Spinelli / LetsGoDigital

Sony has yet to officially reveal the PS5, despite lead architect Mark Cerny holding a livestreamed (and arguably ill-advised) deep dive into the console’s hardware. Whereas Microsoft has now fully unveiled the Xbox Series X, showing off what the console looks like along with revealing its first gameplay footage, Sony is playing its cards close to its chest.

With the PS5 still set to launch around the holiday 2020 period, Sony is likely set to unveil the PS5 sooner rather than later. Prior to the cancelation of E3 2020, the company stated that it would showcase the hardware across a series of events rather than make an appearance at the annual expo. Now that E3 has been canceled for the year, it’s unclear if Sony plans to follow suit with Microsoft and other publishers, who are planning to hold their own digital events when E3 was planned to take place.

Recently, a Canadian retailer started taking pre-orders for the PS5 for $395. With the price point for the console having yet to be announced, this is curiously lower than the projected $449–$499 that many have suggested the console will retail for. Previous reports have also suggested that the console could retail for $399, though Sony has yet to confirm these details.