PS5 pre-orders for $395 being taken by Canadian retailer

PS5 pre-orders are being listed for a surprisingly (and perhaps suspiciously) low price by an independent Canadian retailerPlay N Trade Vancouver Island is taking orders for the PlayStation 5 at CAD$559, which roughly puts the U.S. price at $395.

The store in question is Play N Trade Vancouver, an independent gaming retailer that lists two separate store locations in Canada on Google Maps. Their announcement is, as far as we can tell, the first public gaming retailer of any size taking PS5 pre-orders at a sub-$400 price point.

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We’ve previously reported on a potential price point of $399. Sony would surely like to avoid the high price point of the PS3, but they might end up losing money charging $399. Still, that would bring more gamers into the PlayStation ecosystem.

While a $395 pre-order certainly sounds attractive, you should bear in mind that Play N Trade Vancouver’s website looks very janky. With money potentially being taken upon pre-order, we’d suggest that you be very careful if you’re considering a purchase. Besides, there’s no reason to put in a pre-order just yet, especially since Sony isn’t likely to delay the PS5’s launch date.

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