PS5 Pro Rumored for Summer 2023
Image via Sony

PS5 Pro Rumored for Summer 2023, Features Liquid Cooling

The PS5 Pro discussions continue to build this week as a recent insider source has hinted at both a summer 2023 release window and the new model possibly featuring liquid cooling. The source follows and conflicts with some earlier hints at a PS5 Pro pre-order announcement being made in April also.

Is there a PS5 Pro release date?

At the time of writing, there is no release date for a PS5 Pro, Slim, or any kind of updated model. Many rumors are circulating, including the mention of liquid cooling drumming up plenty of noise, but confirmations are scarce, making beliefs harder to justify.

As posted and shared on Twitter by @yabhishekhd, an article from the French tech website, Phonandroid, provides some details that some could consider are baiting in nature. The idea of a summer 2023 release is simply too soon, some might say, with important considerations around marketing to be made, too.

Perhaps a holiday 2023 release would make more sense, with the April announcement rumor possibly holding more credence. Nevertheless, the notion of the PS5 Pro featuring water cooling could help persuade any Sony fans concerned with the current model’s reported heating issue.

In other news, Sonic Team Director Morio Kishimoto is looking to a more Sonic Adventure-style future for the blue hedgehog’s next game.

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