Apex Legends The Old Ways event makes Duos permanent (and adds other new surprises)

The Apex Legends The Old Ways event has been announced and it’s got some neat surprises in stores for fans. We’re not just getting the permanent return of Apex Legends duos, as it looks like we’re going to be getting a really cool Apex Legends PVE experience, too!

The Old Ways event was revealed in a brand-new trailer that followed up from an intriguing cinematic that showed the history of Bloodhound. That same character will be the focus of this event with a cool new cosmetic, but that’s not the only new thing on the way.

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Judging by the trailer, the map is getting a visual overhaul to fit Bloodhound’s aesthetic. The changes will be more than just cosmetic, though; we get the slightest hint that there’s going to be some kind of PVE experience for players to enjoy, too. Bloodhound is seen shooting at several alien cats charging his position, and it definitely looks like something happening in-game rather than a cutscene.

Aside from these new goodies, this event is also permanently bringing back duos queue. We’re sure to find out more about it before it launches tomorrow! For now, you can watch the Apex Legends The Old Ways trailer below.