Grounded release date revealed for summer on Xbox Game Preview, Game Pass Ultimate, and Early Access

Obsidian was relatively quick to debut its first Microsoft-published game after shipping The Outer Worlds. The studio revealed its next project, Grounded, back in November at X019. Now, we know the Grounded release date or at least when it will hit Xbox Game Preview, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Steam Early Access. The title will come to all three services on July 28, 2020 for the Xbox One and PC.

Microsoft revealed the details about this survival adventure game on its Xbox Insider stream. The title also debuted with a new trailer showing single-player gameplay that also came with an extended demo from Game Director Adam Brennecke and Social Media Manager Shyla Schofield.

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Grounded also supports up to four-player co-op that sees players shrunken down to size of a small bug. To get back to normal size, they’ll need to bide their time until the machine that can embiggen you is functioning again. But you’ll need to survive within the hostile suburban backyard you find yourself in in the meantime.

Since this is hitting early access systems on both the Xbox One and PC, it’s a game that will still be in progress in the late summer and Obsidian gave no word on when it would fully release. However, Microsoft specifically noted that Game Pass Ultimate subscribers — those with the Live Gold and Game Pass bundle subscription — will be able to test the game out. The “Ultimate” part means that it sounds like regular Game Pass subscribers will need to upgrade to play Obsidian’s next game before it releases.