Lego Super Mario pre-order is surprisingly expensive

You can finally make your LEGO Super Mario pre-order, but boy is it going to cost you a pretty penny. These special interactive LEGO sets featuring Nintendo’s chief mascot are shipping in a few months and they’re surprisingly expensive.

The store page lists the “LEGO Super Mario starter kit bundle with gift” at the price of $59.99, although that’s not all you’ll get. Putting in your order now will also secure you a smalls et featuring Toad and some desert scenery, so at least you’ll have some variety. You will, however, have to buy 2 AAA batteries to power the Mario figure.

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The set features Mario, Kid Bowser, a Goombas, and a few simple setpieces from the franchise. The hook is that this is an interactive game of sorts, making it a bit more than a fun bunch of toy blocks. A free LEGO Super Mario app is also available to enhance your experience.

You can put in your LEGO Super Mario pre-order on the official LEGO website. It’s expected to ship starting on August 1, 2020.