The Journey Steam release date announcement is a wonderful surprise

Buckle up for a fantastic adventure: the Journey Steam release date has been announced by publisher Annapurna Interactive. After nearly a year as an Epic Games Store exclusive, we’ll soon be seeing Journey make its way to another digital storefront.

The announcement was made a short while ago by Annapurna Interactive on Twitter. It simply stated that the game was coming to Steam. You won’t have too long of a wait, either; the Journey Steam release date is June 11, 2020.

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If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Journey, the name is pretty self-explanatory. Players take control of a mysterious cloaked character who moves through a fantastical world, occasionally joined by other real-world players for a portion of their travels. Players must press forward, solving puzzles and tackling platforming challenges in a super-chill game.

Now, you’ll soon be able to play Journey on Steam when it arrives on the storefront in two months. No price was announced, but you can probably expect it to be closed to the $14.99 MSRP on the Epic Games Store. For now, you can add Journey to your wishlist on Steam.