The Destiny 2 player count is declining but Guardian Games can save it

Believe it or not, the Destiny 2 player count has been consistently going down. It looks like players haven’t been responding to the newest content, but the just-announced Destiny 2 Guardian Games event may well be able to turn things around.

A Redditor has compiled data on the game’s player count via the Destiny Trials Report. Had this trend held, we would have seen a massive 50% reduction in players by Friday.

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Here’s what /u/RevSirDrColbert stated that the player numbers have been over the past few weeks:

  • Week 1 – 380k players.
  • Week 2 – 340k players (~10% from week 1).
  • Week 3 – 300k players (~20% from week 1).
  • Week 4 – 278k players (~27% from week 1).
  • Week 5 – 234k players (~38% from week 1).
  • Week 6 – est ~200k players (~48% from week 1).

That’s pretty severe. However, Destiny 2 has just announced a brand-new event called Guardian Games that will be making its debut before the end of April. While the number of people playing Destiny 2 may very well continue to shrink, it’s very likely that a new event will bring some (if not most) of these players back.

Although a new event is on the way, the rapidly-shrinking Destiny 2 player count is undeniably concerning. Hopefully, Bungie will realize that they got something wrong in the last update and they’ll turn things around.