Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon might not work on the next game

Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon may not be returning to work on the next game in the franchise. Based on what people have found so far, it’s looking like he may not have done the final mixing for the Doom Eternal soundtrack — and he might not be happy about it.

Gordon’s comments came after @thatACDCguy on Twitter showed that the soundtrack looks very different when put into a proper audio program. It’s kind of like all of the sounds are mushed together and fighting for your attention rather than standing out individually as you would expect, in comparison with Doom 2016’s much smoother mix.

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Then, some bad news popped up on Reddit: one person reportedly asked Gordon if he’d be returning for the next game and the composer stated that he doubted he’d be working with the developers again:

I commented about it yesterday. I turned I’d break the news here. This is a dark day for our beloved franchise from Doom

@thatACDCguy commented on the perceived poor quality of the mixing and the DOOM Eternal composer decided to respond, stating outright that he didn’t mix most of the soundtrack and that he wouldn’t have done it as the final product shows.

So, will Mick Gordon return for the next Doom game? He had no further comment on the matter so we can’t say for sure. Here’s hoping that Gordon and iD Software can work things out.