This RE3 Remake Dino Crisis mod brings Regina and the T-Rex to Raccoon City

Fans have been clamoring for a Dino Crisis remake for years, but Capcom has been mum on whether it’s a possibility. Fortunately, you can get a little slice of Jurassic heaven (or hell) with the Dino Evil 3 mod by DarknessEvaltier for Resident Evil 3 remake. This Dino Crisis-themed mod turns enemies into little stubby T-Rexes. You can also get a Regina skin by MarcosRC to get the full Dino Crisis package.

The return of the Regina skin to the RE3 remake is an excellent addition by itself. The original game included five additional costumes that unlocked after completing the game (eight on PC and Dreamcast). RE3 remake only features one unlockable costume for Jill and one offered as pre-order DLC. Fortunately, this mod brings back one of the most beloved of Jill’s extra outfits, and you can get it by supporting MarcosRC on Patreon.

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The Dino Evil 3 mod changes all enemies in the game to little compact Tyrannosaurus Rexes. They look like a reskin of the Hunter Gamma and are equal parts terrifying and hilarious. You can download Dino Evil 3 at Nexusmods, and it requires the Fluffyquack’s Mod Manager for Resident Evil 3 remake to install. You can check out the mod in action with the Regina costume in the video below.

Though Resident Evil 3 remake was disappointing to many fans because of cut content (myself included), fans are still enthusiastic about potential Capcom remakes. Rumors of a Resident Evil 4 remake have circled lately, and the success of the RE2 and RE3 remakes have made the prospect of revisiting its past catalog lucrative for Capcom. Hopefully, we’ll see an official Dino Crisis remake appear in the near future. For now, though, fans will have to content themselves with battling diminutive dinos in the streets of Raccoon City.