Fortnite Google Play Store download finally available

Since its release in late 2018, Fortnite for Android has been available exclusively via the Epic Games app, which must be downloaded directly from Epic’s website, or, for Samsung phones, via the Galaxy Store. Unlike the majority of familiar apps, you couldn’t obtain Fortnite from the Google Play Store, at least until now.

Epic Games’ decision to withhold Fortnite from the Google Play Store was purely monetary. The studio disagreed with Google’s standard cut of 30% for all apps hosted in its store. According to The Verge, Epic Games had planned to ask Google for an exemption to its 30% cut as its plans to use its own payment ecosystem instead of Google’s. However, it seems like Epic has abandoned that angle and has accepted Google’s terms.

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The reason behind the change of heart is simple: Google puts software available outside of the Google Play Store at a disadvantage. Android tends to treat any app from outside the Play Store as potential malware and requires users to jump through multiple hoops to install them. As such, Epic Games has been unable to reach some of its potential userbase. For non-power users, security pop-ups can be scary and lead to consumers forgoing the app entirely.

Regardless of Fortnite‘s new availability on Google Play, Epic still offers the game and the Epic Games app as an independent download on its website. The company still hopes that Google will have a change of heart:

“We hope that Google will revise its policies and business dealings in the near future, so that all developers are free to reach and engage in commerce with customers on Android and in the Play Store through open services, including payment services, that can compete on a level playing field.”

However, it seems like Google doesn’t agree with Epic’s assessment:

“Google Play has a business model and billing policy that allow us to invest in our platform and tools to help developers build successful businesses while keeping users safe. We welcome any developer that recognizes the value of Google Play and expect them to participate under the same terms as other developers.”