New The Last of Us 2 trailer shows a brutal side to Ellie

new The Last of Us 2 trailer is finally here and it builds up intense drama. The world is a dangerous place, and The Last of Us 2 story trailer shows that Ellie is more than ready for it.

Coming in at just over 2 minutes in length, this brand-new trailer opens up with a flashback to Ellie and Joel’s earliest adventures. We then skip forward to the current era and see an older Joel and Ellie working together. Some of The Infected attack them at a few points, and sometimes these creatures are in great number.

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We then see Ellie out on her own for a few scenes, engaged in brutal hand-to-hand fights (and subsequently cleaning up the injuries). The trailer continues with several cutscenes interspersed with more combat, although we don’t really see Ellie fight any more than one person at a time.

While this new trailer shows us some intriguing scenes, it doesn’t really give too much away. You can watch the new The Last of Us 2 trailer for yourself below.