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New DICE LA shooter won’t feature a familiar IP

EA’s Vince Zampella has revealed that a new DICE LA shooter is in the works. This new DICE LA game will (rather unsurprisingly) make use of the Frostbite engine — and they’re aiming to make something that won’t compete with EA’s other shooter franchises like Battlefield and Star Wars.

“[The DICE LA] team is a shooter team,” EA’s Vince Zampella said to IGN. “Chances are it’s going to be something along those lines.”

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“We want to do something that’s not competitive with other EA games so that we’re kind of filling in the right gaps in the portfolio,” Zampella continued. “We have some really good ideas, but it’ll be a little bit [before they make any announcements].”

Based on what Vince Zampella has said, this may mean that this new DICE LA shooter won’t be a game in the Battlefield or Star Wars franchises, both of which serve as headliners for Electronic Arts’ shooter IPs. At the moment, about 100 people are working at the company and more are being hired; whatever this new game will be, it’s sure to be interesting.

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